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My name is Janneke Neele, I was born in Groede (NL) in 1946.
I've been living in Bruges, Belgium since 1971.

After many years of art painting I started working with paper maché.
In the beginning I got a lot of information from books, but after a long period of searching and experimenting I gradually found my own style.

I prefer creating animals such as cats and dogs, but I also like fish, frogs and colorfull figurines.

I love working with this interesting material, with some imagination you can do wonderfull things. Everytime I start a new piece it is with great enthusiasm.

For the more delicate pieces, like creating a metal frame, my husband helps out.
For someone who restaures old timers this is a piece of cake.

My painting experience comes in handy because the possibilities are endless when using bright colours. The shiny varnish gives it a nice touch.

Finished pieces can be viewed at my home after appointment or can be ordered via email. I also ship abroad.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email me.









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Janneke Neele

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